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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 25, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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gilroy, where the garlic festival is expected to bring lots of visitors. >> we continue to update these numbers from our 5:00 show, and you can see gilroy came in at the hottest, 105 degrees today. no doubt some dangerous heat out there. also livermore 102. napa, 102 as well, south san jose at 99 and san francisco coming in at 85. that 85 in san francisco again was good enough for a record. while it wasn't near the century mark, that's warm for sf standards. the average high is right around 66 this time of the year. so let's take a look at those temperatures. and some of the hottest weather in the soth bay, right now we're beginning to see numbers level off. 90 for san jose, just dropped to 89 45er there in sunnyvale.
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you've got dublin and danville both at 95. walnut creek, 99. so we'll give you a preview of our forecast for saturday. it will stay at dangerous levels throughout the tri valley. we'll start out comfortable at 68 degrees. by the noon hour, 90 degrees. we'll let you know how much hotter it gets tomorrow afternoon. the biggest party in the bay area this weekend, down in gilroy. everybody has garlic breath. and that's a good thing. and the heat is just part of the charm. michelle roberts is in gilroy. simple message here, enjoy the festival but be careful. >> reporter: absolutely. it is really hot as you just hea heard. 45 people were taken to the hospital with heat-related
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issues. the scampi is cooking. ♪ >> reporter: music is playing, and the kids are doing whatever this is called. >> nothing like the garlic festival. >> $1! >> reporter: more than 100,000 people are expected to brave the summer weather in the name of garlic this weekend. >> teit's a good heat. >> reporter: two of the hottest attractions involve cooling off, the cooling tent. >> staying in here and eating ice cream. >> reporter: there's a long line in the direct sun. >> it's like being in the oven. >> reporter: emergency crews are weaving through the crowds. tim price with the gilroy fire department is spending the day responding to medical emergencies. >> garlic base bike team one, we're going to the children's area at gate one. >> reporter: he says most of the
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problems are heat-related. and he's not surprised at 100 degrees. >> we want to catch that heat exhaustion before it progresses into something more serious like heatstroke. >> reporter: it's the first year they're responding on bikes. >> hardest thing is getting to the call. >> reporter: he says dense crowds and walkways can be a challenge in a car. >> getting that quick response is really important. >> reporter: while crews work to keep the crowd safe, everyone has their own method to keep cool. >> she has her fan to cope with the heat, and i'm drinking beer to cope with the heat. >> reporter: the calamari is flaming up. the scampi is cooking. and the scampi was my favorite of the day. today is one of those days i wish we had smellavision. san jose is issuing
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restrictions for the park tomorrow, no picnic flames or open flames will be allowed. the beer and water will be flow being at at&t park. there's an exclusive look at our camera. it's positioned toward the giant coke bottle. the giants against the dodgers. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. john miller and meek krukow will join us about 55 minutes from now. you can click on the weather tab at and enter your zip code for real time tracking in your specific neighborhood. new at 6:00, was it an attack? a santa rosa family says it shows their daughter being attacked at school by two girls from another school. the administrators saying she's not a victim but a participant who deserves a suspension. we have more on the fight and
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the family's frustration. >> reporter: the whole matter landed in small-claims court here today in santa rosa, but i'm told the families are working toward reaching a resolution. but one family still has questions as to what a student can do to defend themselves. it's a disturbing cell phone video. the parents of one 16 year old girl say she had no choice but to fight back with two girls attacking her. >> i've reviewed the video over and over, asking myself, could she have done something differently in this, and i keep coming back to no. >> reporter: mejia says the girls from another school started cyber bullying her daughter after she began dating a new guy, then jumped her at the high school. >> if this would have happened anywhere else, you have the civil right to defend yourself, even if that means hitting your attacker back. but when it happens at a school,
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you get punished. >> reporter: she's launched a facebook page about the right to defend. they took the other parents to small-claims court, and the family says they want justice. they also want the suspension removed. >> it's embarrassing. she should not have a violent altercation on her record for defending herself against two attackers. >> reporter: but mostly, they say they want a change in the system. >> nobody's going to say my kid started it. so it makes it incredibly difficult to reach a resolution, you know, at the school level. >> so they're saying that it wasn't because she defended herself. it was because in the commission of defending herself she willfully harmed another person. >> reporter: and the family told us that the girl made it very clear from the beginning that she didn't want to fight, but that there were too many people around her to get away. now we did reach out to the district several times today but didn't hear back.
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the family also tells us that they're hearing that it's possible that her case may be re-reviewed one more time by the district. reporting live in santa rosa, christie smith. there are new charges in the high-profile corruption case against senate eor leland yee. racketeering charges have been added. some say this is a savvy legal maneuver. mark matthews joins us. >> reporter: here's the 88-page super seeding indictment. and it ups the ante. not just for leland yee, but for 27 other defendants who may now be looking for a deal. leland yee and his co-defendants are accused of violating the racketeering statute known as
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ricoh. and it ups the antein terms of potential sentences. >> one conviction of one count of racketeering carries a sentence of 20 years. >> reporter: that means everybody in the case is looking at a potential for serious prison time. and while leland yee and shrimp boy chow may not be in line for a plea deal, there are others in this case. >> some of those named as defendants may very well turn up later as government witnesses. >> reporter: an attorney for for raymond shrimp boy, says his client has been wrapped up in a whole raft of crimes detailed by undercover fbi agents, but his attorney says it was all a fabrication. >> anything these informants that can say that would actually hurt, there's no evidence to support any statement.
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>> reporter: curtis says the new indictment is actually good news for raymond chow. >> it's a sign of weakness in the prosecution. >> reporter: well, we'll see. it's interesting to note that our legal analyst says much of what he has read appears to be the government laying out scenarios and seeing who would cross the line and agree to participate in what they believe to be a criminal enterprise. i asked him, can you get a conviction based on something that is a fabrication? he said absolutely. it happens all the time. reporting from the federal courthouse, nbc bay area news. still ahead, it went up in seconds. another limo burned in the bay area. why firefighters say it could have been much worse. also. one bottled water and one
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m&m? the new prices on food coming up. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. plenty of car thermometers reading 100 to 105. right now, down to 98 degrees. still very hot of the we'll have details on how much heat is going to linger for the weekend coming up.
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caught on camera. flames engulf a stretch limo, giving the driver the scare of his life. it happened around 10:30 this morning near fair grounds and gateway drive in vallejo. the car was gutted in a matter of minutes, but the quick-thinking driver managed to escape. it could have been a lot different if this limo was filled with passengers. for more details, let's bring in jodi hernandez from vallejo. >> reporter: firefighters say had that limo been filled with
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passengers it most certainly would have been a deadly situation. can you see there are remnants of the fire right here on the sidewalk. firefighters say the fire burred so hot and so fast it left that limacine incinerated in mere minutes. >> it was fully involved. and the potential for people surviving that was very little. >> reporter: that's what vallejo firefighters were thinking as they responded to a limacine fire. the driver and owner says he had just taken to the limo to the car wash when it started overheating. it was engulfed in flames in less than three minutes. >> with the carpeting and upholstery and wood paneling inside those limacines, very, very flammable. >> had there been small children, elderly inside that limo, it would have been a different scenario. >> reporter: luckily there were no passengers on board, but that was not the case last year when five women died when the limo
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they were riding in caught fire on the bridge. a month later, women barely escaped when a limo caught fire in walnut creek. the folks who run 5-0 limo say they've never had problems before. they say the limo had just been upgraded and was due to take four people on a wine tour tomorrow. >> just an accident, you know. we take very good care of our vehicles. we're definitely going to look into how the work was done to the car to make sure everything was done properly. we're definitely going to do our own investigation. like i said, nothing like this has ever happened to us before. >> reporter: and we are back here live. the folks who run that limo company say the limacine had been out of service for a couple months to get new upholstery, new tires and a full maintenance work over. three executives took it out for a test spin themselves to san francisco last night and had no
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problems. reporting live in vallejo, jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. a soccer coach is accused of molesting a child at a soccer camp. he's a soccer coach at indoor sports in livermore. he's accused of committing a lewd act with a child. he has been suspended and banned from the facility, pending the outcome of the investigation. almost ready for showtime. the first game at levi stadium is next week. and one thing we know for sure. nothing comes cheap. tickets are pricey, and so is the food, as we discovered today. >> yes, you better bring plenty of cash and get ready for sticker shock. damian trujillo is outside levi stadium. the hot dogs are out and called frank furtherers now, right? >> reporter: i think i'm still going to be using it, there's nothing like ordering a dog and
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beer if you will. everything went up here at levi stadium compared to the prices candlestick. and do the fans really care? kind of, but not really. they lined up to get a sneak peek at lie vlevi stadium. and many of them started gazing at their app, an app that shows the food prices. >> one water, one m&m is $12. >> you know, this is the 49ers. we're not in disney land anymore. >> if you buy one m & ms and one water it's $12. >> reporter: but jesse found a way to forget about the sticker shock. >> maybe a beer. >> that's about $50. >> when beer is expensive, to me, tastes better. >> reporter: the higher prices could be a way for the 49ers to
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pay for their $1.3 billion monume monument, but is $8 worth the price for a piece of pizza? so they'll be dirk outshing out of green for the red and gold. some of the other surface streets will have traffic. maybe something to consider if you're going to the ball game, arrive very early. live outside the stadium. >> did he say it was $12 for water and m&ms? >> i think you should eat at home before you go. >> can we bring our own m&ms? >> you can't do that. >> is it large? small? >> small, small.
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one thing is for sure. if it was a game today out here across the santa clara valley, it was definitely a scorcher. hottest temperature across the area was gilroy at 105 degrees. a scorcher out there at the gilroy garlic festival. keep in mind, the average is just 88 degrees. all right. we'll get a look at the current temperatures and temperatures are beginning to drop off, averaging 95 in the north bay. sunny skies across the entire north bay. it's going to be comfortable for the game, first pitch at 7:15 right here on nbc bay area. and we'll have 70s then. you can see here across the south bay, 90 degrees and poor air quality today but it looks like it will slightly improve as we head throughout the weekend. so, speaking of which, how does that weekend shape up for us? >> yes, it is still going to be hot for some of the bay area. but we're going to get an a little bit of that ocean breeze coming back. you can see instead of 103
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across parts of the tri valley and east bay we're going down to 97 degrees. san francisco will be mainly sunny and 75 degrees and average in the low 90s for the south bay. let's take a look at the giants game if you're going to be heading that way on saturday or sunday. sunny skies with temperatures in the low 70s. speaking of which, we'll get to the rest of the week end forecast. numbers cooling down as we head throughout sunday. after 100 today, dropping to 87 by sunday. in san francisco some 70s. how about the north bay, east bay and tri valley? all areas will cool except for the tri valley. we're still expected to stay on the warm side even into sunday's forecast. we'll have more details on everything else on weather coming up a little later on. if orange is the new black, then brown is the new green. that's the new slogan for the
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water district. they want everyone to reduce water use by 20% during the drought. one way? water your lawn less and go brown and be proud of it. half of all the water used in homes actually goes towards watering or landscaping. the change coming that could mean cheaper cell phone deals, plus. i'm scott budman. tech companies say they can't find enough female techies to hire. well, we can. we have a report coming up from the blogger conference just ahead.
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plenty of clapping, but stocks actually dropped today after some disappointing shopping news. amazon and visa both said that the second half of this year was looking more troubled than originally expected. that news ended up wiping out the dow's entire gains for the week. it closed below the 17,000 mark for the first time in more than
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two weeks. congress has passed a bill that allows you to take your cell phone from one carrier to another. a cell phone's setting usually restricts you from changing it from carrier to carrier. president obama says he plans to sign it into law. it is a big issue in the silicon valley. this weekend, thousands of women are flooding the south bay from all over the world. scott budman joins us. there's no shortage of women in high tech, at least not here not now. >> reporter: the blogger conference features 4,000 women who blog, who code, and who make a living with their computer skills. and they say, sure, they'd love a job with a tech company. dozens of people lined up to meet a blogger. a blogger they can read online
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anytime. it shows how powerful a widely read writer can be. and, oh, if you look around this room, you'll see how powerful women can be. >> we have actual wires coming out of our handbags because we're so well-connected. >> reporter: they're the women of the blogger conference. and if you hear tech companies say they can't find qualified women to hire -- >> if they would come here and look around, they would see women of all manner of technical expertise and knowledge and that is entirely untrue. >> we have 150 to 200 women speakers here at this conference, across every discipline and across every skill. and you know what? if i want to find them, i don't find it hard to find them, but i have to go in with the intention of finding them. >> reporter: they're techies in the spotlight, with entire brands vying for their attention and skills needed in silicon valley. >> women are out there.
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it's a matter of reaching out to the resources like blog her and other online communities. there's a plethora of women that are qualified. and not only women, but people of color and especially women of color. >> reporter: getting the word out one brand, and one blog at a time. and i should mention nbc is an investor in blog her. it continues tomorrow in downtown san jose, among the speaker, ariana huffington. thank you, scott, still ahead, is it a solution to the border children crisis? the controversial new plan. and disturbed by drones. the unraveling mystery of an unmanned fly by at an iconic west coast attraction. plans for special tax district money to help build a private clubhouse, a clubhouse that's often off limits who isn't a dues-paying member, but
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can taxpayers stop it? i'm investigative reporter steven stock. tonight we investigate the plan and what it means for anyone living in a special tax district here in california. no rush, andy.
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right now at 6:30, public money meant for fire protection. tonight we investigate why those funds are going to a private clubhouse instead. it's unfolding in one local
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community. >> special tax districts are all over the state and operate with little oversight. let's bring in steven stock who exposes a controversial project. >> it's a small town story with big implications for any one living in a special tax district in california. the proposal, to use tax dollars to build a facility with recreational features that would be off limits to some of the sail taxpayers. take a look around. next to the recently renovated exclusive swimming pool, the sleepy hollow homes association clubhouse built in the 1950s is showing its age. >> it's in dire need of replacement. >> the facility needs to be replaced. >> something needs to be done because it's falling apart. >> reporter: while almost all of these people agree this clubhouse needs replacing, they disagree how to pay for it. >> i don't think that's the proper use of taxpayer funds.
6:30 pm
>> these tax dollars are going to build an emergency facility. >> reporter: the 2500 or so residents pay 17% of their base property tax to cover fire and emergency services. the fire district's three-member board is now considering using 2 million of its tax reserves to help build a new, already planned $2.5 million clubhouse to replace the old one. while everybody has to pay the fire tax, not everyone is a member of the homes association. and that means they don't have full access to the clubhouse or the pool. >> private citizens. we've raised about $500,000. >> reporter: john grubbs serves as chairman of the sleepy hollow charitable foundation, to raise money for the construction of the new facility. >> that's going to be matched with the $2 million from the fire protection district. >> reporter: how critical is the $2 million to your project? >> to this project as it currently stands, it's very
6:31 pm
critical. >> reporter: so critical that the website tracking donations has already assumed it's getting the $2 million funding, even though it hasn't been approved yet. >> i just think that the money could be better spent. >> reporter: and that's the rub for residents like john parente who lives across the street. he does not pay to be a member of the association or the pool, yet his tax dollars would go to build the new facility if the deal is approved. >> it's taxpayer funds, and it should be used for taxpayer purposes, not for building somebody's dream clubhouse. >> i think it's a misuse of the taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: neighbor erik mccauseland has lived in sleepy hollow all his life. he is a dues-paying member of the association and the pool. >> there are other ways to use that money than putting it into a structure not used for the fire district. >> reporter: they call it an emergency shelter, they point to these pages showing possible emergency uses, including a
6:32 pm
permanent fire district office there. >> what your tax dollars are going for which you have complete use of as a member of the public is the public safety of this building. >> reporter: richard serves as spokesman for the fire protection board. all three members are also members of the homes association. >> this would be available for any public safety purpose for free. >> reporter: there are people who are not members who pay taxes to your tax district, right? >> right. >> reporter: why is it appropriate for them to use their tax dollars to build this clubhouse? >> we're not building a clubhouse. >> reporter: but take a look at this. the official plans call it a clubhouse and a community center, not an emergency center. the plans show an elaborate layout, including a library, a coffee bar, even a bocci ball court. off limits to anyone who is not
6:33 pm
a paying member. >> is this a misuse of tax dollars? >> it is a public/private partnership to improve the safety for all the residents, all the members of the sleepy hollow fire protection of in town. >> it's difficult to distinguish cleanly between private purposes and public purposes. >> reporter: he teaches tax law at u.c. berkeley. he estimates there are as many as 5,000 of these special districts in california. and there is very little oversight. >> they don't teents governor or anybody else directly. >> it's using taxpayer funds for a private organization. >> reporter: even if it serves emergency funks once in a while, that's not enough to merit their tax dollar ashes footing 80% of the bill. >> i think there's better ways to serve all the residences of sleepy holie.
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>> reporter: the fire district board has already paid $25,000 from its reserves for an architect to draw up those plans you just saw. but board members insist this isn't a done deal yet. in fact, a public hearing on this proposal is scheduled there in sleepy hollow for august 9th. in cases like this, voters only have a few recourses. they can change things by calling for a recall election, or they can take the district to court and sue them. raj, jessica? >> if you have a tip for stephen stock or anyone in our investigative unit, we urge you to give us a call or send us an e-mail. hoping for a moment of peace. hours from now, a 12-hour cease-fire will begin in gaza. israel making the offer after turning down a week-long truce proposed by john kerry. hamas agreed. even as that battle pauses, they
6:35 pm
may soon expand the ground operation in gaza. some 900 people have been killed since the conflict began earlier this month. most believed to be civilians. kari has been in egypt to negotiate a deal to end the conflict once and for all. he says he's confident he can get both sides to agree on a long-term solution. we are getting the first look of the plane wreckage in africa. one of the black boxes has been recovered. the air al jeery plane lost contact minutes after they requested a route change because of weather. nearly half of the passengers were french nationals. more human remains have been found in the malaysian air crash. it was shot down over eastern ukraine last week. about 100 victims are still
6:36 pm
unaccounted for. they might have burned. investigators have also discovered a new section of wreckage hidden in nearby woods. they believe pro-russian rebels shot down the plane with a missile. the immigration crisis escalating. president obama is proposing a plan to deal with the surging number of children coming in from central america. >> they are calling that, undocumented children are fleeing by the thousands and nothing seems to stop them from risking their lives to get here. president obama wants to offer them formal asylum hearings not here in the u.s. but in their home countries. he shared the idea with the presidents of el salvador, guatema guatemala. >> there may be some narrow
6:37 pm
circumstances in which there is a humanitarian or a refugee status that a family might be eligible for. if that were the case, it would be better for them to apply in country. >> but republicans say the president needs to focus on a plan to speed up the deportations of children who have already fled here to the u.s. more than 50,000 since last fall. the president says his $4 billion package to beef up the borders and deportations is still on the table but republicans don't like that plan either. unfortunately, nothing may be agreed upon. congress is scheduled to go home in august for summer break. president obama has asked lawmakers to cancel their vacations. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. with prices at a premium, is there anything that you can do to make a gallon of gas go farther? sam brock gives us a reality check next. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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after a temperature of 105 today, it's going to lead to a warm night at the ballpark. first pitch forecast, sunny and 78. we'll have details on what all this means for the weekend forecast coming up.
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it's still standing. that's the message from seattle police after reports that a drone hit the iconic space needle. you can see the space needle. visitors waving at the drone which had a camera attached. some were worried enough to call police. it was flown by an employee visiting from out of state. no damage to the needle. the pilot won't face any charges
6:41 pm
but has agreed to keep the thing grounded for the remainder of his visit. the fairgrounds are getting ready for the great bull run tomorrow. they are expected to run at the fairgrounds in pleasanton. protesters are also expect. animal rights groups are trying to stop it, calling it animal abuse. the first of the three bull runs begins tomorrow at 11:30. if you actually want to run with the bulls, you can do that. tickets are $75 and available right there at the door. i'm not sure if you have to wear a white outfit with the red scarf. remember when jeff did the pig races? he needs to go to the bull run. >> i'm not going to graduate to that. can you imagine the heat out there? you're already sweating anyway, running from the bulls.
6:42 pm
then you put 90 degree heat on top of it, it's going to get interesting. it's hazy with poor air quality tonight. we'll talk about weekend temperatures and how hot it's going to stay. you've gone your best work yet. it is perfect for baseball. giants, dodgers, need i say more? we'll get you ready for this heavyweight matchup. and by monday, there could be a new team in first. meanwhile, a big roster shakeup. a couple guys go to the dl, and there could be a three time all-star in the lineup. tonight's dodgers, that's what's coming up in sports 8
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6:44 pm
a sour note for two of the makers of musical head phones.
6:45 pm
bose is suing beats. now in the suit filed today, bose accuses beats of copying its noise-canceling technology and 50 years of research. now the suit asks for damages and an injunction against beats and its current co-owner, rapper dr. dre. california consistently has some of the highest prices in the country. there are a host of tips and treks that many claim will get you more out of each gallon of gas, but do they really work? sam brock takes some common claims out for a drive. >> we're approaching the dog days of summer, and aside from staying cool, top priorities also include keeping our gas expenses down. we'll try just about anything to save a few bucks, but do some of
6:46 pm
those time-honored techniques actually work? let's examine a few claims, starting with the idea that you shouldn't skimp on gas by going to a non-name-brand station, true? false. the federal government demands all gasoline products meet the same standards for quality and content. as we discovered driving to different stations, the price can be 20 cents or 30 cents cheaper at off-brand pumps. but the gas is no less pure. it's an easy way to stash some cash. the other thing we looked at is rolling down your window and whether that can affect your fuel economy. it all depends on how fast you're driving. if you're going below 45 miles per hour or stop and go traffic you'll save more with your windows down, again, the claim is wrong. but if you're on the freeway
6:47 pm
driving above 45, it's better to use your air conditioning because wind forces your car to work harder, so ac is preferable. turns out you can actually improve your gas mileage by up to 3.3% by keeping your tires properly inflated. and properly inflated tires are safer and last longer. that, according to the u.s. department of energy. i'm sam brock. that's today's reality check. >> okay. so we have to fill up our tires, roll up our windows, and we can go to any gas station we want to. >> i like to check my tires frequently. i like that little gadget. i don't know what it's called, but i like it. we're counting down to the first pitch, giants and dodgers at the ballpark. >> we'll get to the forecast coming up. but we did update some of the
6:48 pm
hottest temperatures here across the bay area. the alma den valley coming in at 103. gilroy at 105. palo alto at 102. and south san jose at 99 degrees. so we'll take you outside to the sky camera network and what you're going to be able to see tonight is clear skies all across the bay. we're talking about from the south bay through the peninsula. the east shore, san francisco and also the north bay. temperatures right now running either in the 80s to also the 90s. you can see as we flip this over here towards the tri valley, we're still tracking 98 degrees. that's where we'll still have very dangerous heat for tonight. if you have plans for dinner outside, you may want to shift those inside or have a lot of water at hand. 78 degrees for first pitch. wind out of the west-southwest at 10 miles per hour. and a fog-free game, one of those rare nights expected at
6:49 pm
at&t park. as we head throughout saturday, we're going to keep the sunshine. not a whole lot in the way of fog. it's going to be another hot day. but if you paid close attention to those temperatures on how hot it was, you can see numbers tomorrow will be going done a few degrees. saratoga 98 and morgan hill at 95. pacifica, great beach weather. palo alto, 93 and sun eye. and if are' headed to the san francisco area, mid-70s along the embarcaderembarcadero, grea brunch. over toward the marina, 73. we'll take you to the north bay, east bay and tri valley. napa in the north bay, 96 degrees. sausalito, 80. and you can see across the east bay, 99 in walnut creek, staying up to 102 today. drop it down to 99 tomorrow. let's take you into that weekend forecast.
6:50 pm
and while numbers have cooled a little bit for tomorrow, we're going to go down a little bit more as we head throughout sunday's forecast. 90s in the south bay. fri valley will still stay hot with an expected 95 degrees. you're looking for something to do this weekend. we talked about it in the 5:00 and 6:00 show. it might just be the gilroy garlic festival. it's going to be a scorcher. make sure to drink lots of water. and with all the garlic around there, doesn't matter how much garlic you eat, everybody's going to be sweating and it's going to be interesting and amazing smell. >> amazing smell. >> when you get near the crowds, i don't know. we'll see. thanks jeff. we want to take you outside to at&t park where the first pitch is not far away. [ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting
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the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ]
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this is a big night on nbc bay area. the giants and the dodgers. jim kozimor. >> ooh. >> that's quite a plate you laid out there. two places to be, one is at&t park, the other, right in front of your television screen. the giants and dodgers, they were hoping to get help from marcos scutaro. they added him to the roster around the all-star break. but they placed him on the disabled list today with back issues. in addition, they had to put adrianne sa.
6:54 pm
in there. had a couple of hits, seven at bats, uggla and the giants hopeful he can resurrect his career. >> i've heard so many good things about this organization and just some of the guys that play here over the years and play right now for them. all great guys, and when you hear so many good things about a certain player, it makes you excited to be a part of it. i'm definitely looking to pull my weight in the clubhouse and on the field and help the team anyway i can. >> we go back to pat burrow. last year with frank orr. we, i, take a look at players that have a track record. he has an outstanding track record. and, you know, for him to be available, really, the timing was perfect for us, because we need help at second base. >> he's got a lot of experience. i know he's had a little bit of
6:55 pm
a rough go of it this year. but he's got some pop, which he brings a lot of power to the lineup. so you have to respect that. so he knows how to prepare himself for a big league ball game. he's in a situation here where we want to win. >> all right. great pitching matchup, giants and dodgers. tim lincecum to square off. and over his last five starts, he's been hot. for more on tonight's match up, let's go to the well-dressed kruk and kuip. >> it's the los angeles dodgers. the first place team taking on the second place team. >> the electricity around this ballpark is off the charts as you can imagine.
6:56 pm
both teams are playing pretty well. this is the first of mean games remaining between these two teams, and it will be tim lincecum who takes the hill against zack greinke. it is a game that's going to be well played. it's going to be who makes the less amount of mistakes. >> dan uggla, he's a giant. he's in the lineup tonight of the back to you. >> kruk and kuip, can't wait to talk to you later. the 49ers' training camp is under way. they've met with a number of people. if you're a 49er fan, you may have noticed that back in 2013 that the tough defensive tackle, justin smith was rotated in and out of the line up an awful lot for as good as he is. they let everyone in on the secret as to why he had to make those rotations. >> it was something that nagged
6:57 pm
him all last year. and for all you that thought we were subbing him more and resting him more, it was more him reacting to the injury and him needing more plays off. because of the injury that he was playing with. >> nothing better than giants/dodgers at at&t park. raj and jessica, and jeff if you want, i could save you a couple seats. you just tell me, and i'm on my way to do it for you, gang. >> we'll see you in about 40 minutes. thanks a lot. the game is up next right here on nbc bay area. that means our normal programming will be shifting. dateline will air at 8:00. orange friday. enjoy the weekend. enjoy the game. tim lincecum will be taking the mound in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you later. bye-bye. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
6:58 pm
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